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Nov 7

The keys for managing and reducing risks in logistics


Supply chains are vulnerable to risk due to their vast number of processes, which are able to be minimized or avoided through prevention and action plans. This requires coordination from all departments (logistics, purchasing and legal compliance, finance) and is vital to creating a culture of prevention in the company.


More businesses are realizing the importance of controlling and monitoring logistics issues in terms of contingencies, deficiencies, and deficiencies.


  • Recognizing potential risks: This involves identifying any events that could have an impact on the supply chain. For instance, natural disasters or legislative changes, supplier loss and financial insolvency issues, strikes, and other events which occur at specific dates and times.


  • Prioritizing risks and assessing them Sorting risks using the following criteria: Quantitative (based on previous data that is observable and reliable) or qualitative (expert opinion).


  • Insignificant minor, moderate, or even severe severity: None; rare and probable. It is almost a specific frequency; the ability to detect it at the right time.


  • Risk mitigation and prevention The process involves finding ways to reduce and eliminate risk. This includes increasing quality standards, obtaining insurance for risk, having security equipment, and establishing the traceability and control system throughout the supply chain. The plan needs to be updated to reflect the present economic and social trends.


  • Controlling: continuous review to determine whether the risk factors have changed, like the frequency, severity, or the speed at which risks are posed. This control is based on, among other things, operational risk indicators such as activity statistics, information from incidents, and control reports.


Prevention of risk measures


The dangers in the logistics of goods can emerge from various sources throughout the supply chain, which makes them numerous and diverse.


You can minimize the risk by taking preventive measures. These are some of the most important indicators


Investigation of accidents, auditing the freight companies, checking vehicles as well as training and selecting personnel, monitoring travel, setting up the vehicle custody, performing scheduled stops, implementing communication and geolocation systems, automatizing alarms, automatic wheel locking, and fuel cut-offs that are automatic everything that is related to transportation.


Concerning inventories, knowing the quantity of inventory we will need at each place and at what time, accurately estimating demand, putting up safe margins on stocks, and regulating inventories in real-time is crucial.


When it comes to choosing, this involves rotating teams at the origin and receiving facilities and maintaining an inventory of customers with little precise information.


Software-wise, the routing has been locked down by the system.

The estimated costs of contingencies and misinformation around the world are greater than the cost which could be incurred by implementing these preventative methods 5 to 1, implying that, in nearly all instances, prevention appears to be more effective on paper.


A suggestion for better risk management


We've compiled a list of ideas to help improve your risk-management process:


  1. Making strategic agreements with suppliers in order to take advantage of advantages such as the size of their operations and priority services.

  2. Verification that the amount and quality of the items received from the vendors meet the contract's requirements.

  3. You should ensure that the process for your accounts payable is exactly as you requested. This will prevent the possibility of billing in two places.

  4. The right procedures and technology are in place to ensure that there are no supply chain disruptions.

  5. Being aware of the new dangers we face as a result of creating or developing sales channels.

  6. Cargo insurance is mandatory in every business.


Because risk is an unforeseeable event without predicting the organization's legal, labor, or financial implications, having a logistics partner such as Zion Transport offer risk management solutions in place can be extremely beneficial.

This san diego logistics companies The logistics system provides numerous advantages, including self-protection in case of breach of protocol, the reduction of the human element in terms of risks, real-time monitoring of any attempted thefts, and the dreadful incidents of robbery. Also, it analyzes productivity, managing workdays and maintaining vehicles, as well as managing a log center.


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