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Road signs Production: Benefits of Denver Digital Printing

Oct 8

How many road signs do you think Denver Digital Printing produces each year? What does road signs production entail for this company? With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Denver is known as one of the best vendors for high-quality Road signs. They offer a wide range of services including custom Road sign design and production. And with their new state-of-the-art printing safety equipment, they can now produce up to 18 digital prints per hour! Here are the benefits that come with choosing Denver as your Road sign vendor.

Over time, cars have evolved, modes of transportation have diversified, and the demands of road users have expanded. To keep up with the changing requirements of those using our roads, custom traffic signs producers and DOT sign shops have modified their procedures to be more flexible and efficient - primarily through new digital sign printing technologies.

Fabricators may use this method to produce one-of-a-kind, custom, or small batch signage quickly and inexpensively. This is in contrast to conventional analogue screen printing techniques that are more time consuming and costly to set up and require big production runs to become cost effective.

The highly regulated traffic sector is increasingly taking advantage of the efficiency, flexibility, and inventory reduction that digital sign printing provides. And, as the technology behind the inks, sheeting, overlaminates, and printers in the process has developed, so has the capacity of sign fabricators to satisfy stringent retroreflectivity, durability, and performance requirements while meeting the demands of their customers.

Benefits of Digital Road Sign Printing

When you need signs with unique colors, text, or designs, or when the printing schedule demands an accelerated pace, digital printing is a great option. Let's have a look at some of the benefits.

Simplified Production

A variety of circumstances may profit from fast and efficient traffic road signs making:

  •  Replacing damaged regulatory and wayfinding signs.
  • Marking frequently changing detours around work zones.
  • Helping road users navigate through or around special events.

When screen-printing jobs are attempted to be completed, the required set up processes and large teams needed to execute them often result in lengthy lead times, making it almost impossible to swiftly provide new or replacement direction for road users when they need it.

Fabricators can rapidly create a print job using digital printing processes, even one with highly bespoke specifications. A single operator may operate many high-speed printers and a small team of employees can run the process from beginning to end. When the situation demands it, this generally results in time savings, shorter lead times, and the capacity to speed up activities.

Greater Flexibility

Another disadvantage of the time- and cost-intensive setup and execution required by traditional printing techniques is that it is often only efficient to produce large quantities of the same sign in a printing run. Because producing small amounts of a sign is inefficient, traffic authorities must maintain a backup supply on hand in case a sign has to be replaced quickly.

Digital printing sign fabricators can print signs on-demand and may print one, two, or 200 different signs just as easily as they can produce 200 identical signs. This lowers the amount of traffic agencies' inventory that they need to keep.

The first layer should be prepared with a skin conditioner that is specifically made for screen printing. Screen printing also necessitates that colors and designs are applied one layer at a time. Fabricators may now use digital printing to print approved traffic hues as well as custom traffic signs on the same piece of fabric.

This allows traffic authorities to order highly custom signs for their region. Signage with images of local attractions might be used to boost tourism, or unique designs on road signs may be used to distinguish a location as a top destination.

Advanced Performance

When we're talking about traffic signs that give important information and help keep drivers informed and safe, it's critical for transportation departments to consider adopting a digital sign printing standard that meets the stringent performance, quality, and durability criteria of the regulated traffic industry.

Two factors that have a significant impact on the durability and effectiveness of digitally printed traffic signals are colorfastness and UV resistance. Over time, Denver Road Signs Printing Company has enhanced the procedure and technology behind these components, ensuring digitally created messages meet the requirements of the regulated traffic sector while favorably competing with screen printing, all backed by our top-notch warranty.

In the following portion, we'll look at each of these elements in further detail and give suggestions for how to configure digital printing on your traffic custom signs jobs.

Specifying Digital Sign Printing

When you're deciding whether this is the ideal approach for your application and how to create digitally printed signage, it's beneficial to understand what goes into a digitally printed sign.

How Digital Printing Works?

The inks used in digital printing must match the durability, color fastness, and quality of the traffic sign, custom traffic signs, regulatory signs, warning signs, street signs, custom signs, yield signs, stop signs, safety signs, parking signs, speed limit signs, prohibition signs, highway signs and many more. We have years of expertise working with the regulated traffic sign industry, which has given us a thorough understanding of color standards for signs and the materials utilized to create them. Supported by this knowledge and experience, we've changed the inks and materials to enhance the colorfastness and UV resistance of digitally printed custom traffic signs.

Can I Use any Type of Printer?

It's critical to evaluate, qualify, and optimize digital printers used to make traffic signs in order to ensure that they work well with the sheeting, inks, and overlaminates used at any point in the production process. This ensures that each sign is high-quality and identical from one printing session to the next.

How It Protects Your Sign Over Time

A full overlay film is used to cover the digitally printed sign and sheeting to keep it safe. This overlay aids in providing retroreflectivity while also protecting the sign. However, more importantly, the cover protects the sign for longer durability and performance. Advanced overlays films are available that provide graffiti resistance while still being easy to remove of a variety of traffic signs.

Selecting a Digital Sign Fabricator

When you've decided that digital printing is the best option for your application and have set your specs, it's advisable to work with a certified sign fabricator who can do digital printing. It's also crucial to find out where your fabricator obtains their sheeting, ink, and overlaminates. The company that provides the material for the fabricator will also be your source for repair and replacement materials.

Weather Testing – Does your Manufacturer Do It?

The traffic industry is strictly regulated. Traffic lights must adhere to rigorous color and visibility requirements. When you put up new signs, it's vital to comprehend the standards. It's just as crucial that the signage continue to function effectively over time, both during installation and afterwards when they're subjected to elements like weather.

They should be subjected to rigorous testing in the real world and in controlled circumstances before being used to predict the performance of materials under wide range of environmental conditions.

What's your warranty?

The ability to simulate the effects of weather on a material is also useful for determining how long a product will last. They should provide a warranty on their goods to allow you to have confidence that your signs will endure over time, based on this anticipated longevity.

Let us help you choose signage that fits your Needs Denver Printing Company can help you with your signage needs, whether it's for a small project or an expansive program that will require thousands of customized safety-compliant traffic control devices. We provide fast turnaround on small orders, while also ensuring that your larger projects are completed on time.

Contact us anytime, we’re a digital printing services company that specializes in high-quality print jobs and provide advice exactly what on how to make printed material stand out.