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Long & Short of Markets: Why is Jim Rogers saying Namaste, India? How to find a desi Tesla


If liquidity was the oxygen on which equity markets built the mega rally after lockdown, then corporate earnings upgrades globally came in as the next big driver. Read about the Indian winners of the margin expansion story, why Warren Buffett dumped his gold stocks, India’s walk towards EVs and more in this edition of ‘Long & Short of Markets’.

Stars of the margin expansion story!
The light at the end of the tunnel after global economies saw one of the fastest recessions has been the miraculous earnings recovery and margin expansion. Corporates saw margin expansion despite rising raw material costs. Among others, we found 10 midcaps and smallcaps that saw constant margin expansion in the past four quarters and showing confidence of sustaining the trend. Here is more on these stocks.

Asian dominance is almost here!
In this interview, Jim Rogers says it does not bode well that the US is piling on debt rapidly, printing more money and trying to drive interest rates lower. The market veteran says the US and Japan are walking into deep trouble in the coming years, while India has a better future than Japan and America in 2021. Read here for more on why the veteran investor says he’d like to choose an Indian stock over Tesla or Alibaba at this point.

Buffett ditches gold! Should you too?
Warren Buffett calls gold a non-productive asset and doesn’t shy away from ridiculing the yellow metal every now and then. Yet, he bought gold stocks recently. And despite being a strong proponent of long-term holding, Buffett dumped those gold mine stocks within a few quarters of buying them. Asset allocation principles, however, say the precious metal should form between 5-10 per cent of your portfolio as a hedge. Here’s more on what you should do when gold prices are moderating.

‘Green’ stocks to hulk up!
With Tesla about to enter the Indian market, our own desi Teslas are gearing up to take on Elon Musk. Indian EVs’ success is largely restricted to public transport, while the private transportation space remains untapped. With no major listed EVs manufacturers, it is the auxiliary industries which have been hogging the limelight in the ‘green’ space. Here is the list of Indian EV frontrunners and their outlook.

Ride cyclicals to ride revival
Jonathan Schiessl of Global Investment Strategist says pocketing cyclical stocks is important to ride the economic revival in India and globally. But he also warns investors to not dump Covid winners such as IT and pharma too early. Read here for this market veteran’s take over few other sectors in India such as FMCG, EVs and chemicals.