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Commercial Mixing Tools Uses

Jun 24

A commercial mixer is a must for any restaurant, bakery or food business that deals in large amounts of dough. There are many different types of EvenMix New Location to choose from, depending on the type and volume of mixing your business will be performing. There are also a wide range of attachments that can be used with your mixer, such as a pasta cutter or a wire whip. These accessories make your mixer even more versatile and save you time on cleaning.

If your business will be using a small number of mixers for smaller production, then a countertop or handheld mixer is the right choice for you. These units can be easily transported from one station to another and provide a good mix for batters, sauces and other liquids. For more specialized applications, like dough making, then you should consider a spiral mixer or a planetary mixer. These models provide a more powerful mix and can handle larger volumes of doughs due to the rotating agitator inside the bowl.

Planetary mixers are designed to be flexible for multiple uses and can accommodate various attachments, such as a dough hook, flat beater or wire whisk. They can be used on a flat surface or in a bowl, and they can mix a wide variety of ingredients for batters, sauces, whipped cream and more. These are a good choice for any bakery or pizza shop that makes a lot of dough, but they can also be used in other areas of the restaurant, such as for blending or mashing potatoes.

Choosing the best size mixer for your business will be important for both efficiency and safety. Having the correct sized bowl will ensure that your ingredients don’t spill over and that you can properly mix them all together. Mixers of a larger size often come with useful design additions such as handles for easy lifting or dollys to help move the unit around the kitchen floor. Some models also have a cage lift shut-off system that automatically stops the mixer when it is lowered, keeping your staff safe.

The type of drive system that your mixer will have can also be an important factor to consider when making a purchase. Belt-driven systems tend to have more flexibility in speed selection but require regular maintenance, while gear-driven mixers are less likely to slip and stall and are a better option for heavy use.

Mixers that are specifically designed for tote mixing (or a tote agitator) are available and allow you to mix directly in an IBC tank, eliminating the need for an additional mixer or reducing the amount of fluid transfer waste. These tote mixers can be electric, air or explosion proof, depending on the needs of your business. They are available in both lightweight and heavy-duty versions for any budget. There are also a variety of options for mixing tools, including an optional meat grinder and vegetable peeler for additional versatility.

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