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Small Business Brokers - Businesses For Sale

Jun 5

Business brokers help guide clients through the sale of their businesses, ensuring that the process is conducted smoothly. A good small business broker will provide clients with a wide range of services, including identifying potential buyers, evaluating the financials to determine an equitable market valuation, and assisting with the negotiation process to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the transaction. Many small business brokers are former entrepreneurs, providing them with a unique perspective on the founding, growth and selling of their own businesses.


A professional small business broker can be the difference between a successful business sale and an unsuccessful one. It’s estimated that 80-90% of a business owner’s net worth is tied up in their company, so selling it is a major event and a big decision. A skilled broker can make the process easier and faster, saving you time and money in the long run.

When selling a small business, it is important to maintain confidentiality. A reputable broker will know how to keep the sale of your business private, avoiding leaks that can have negative impacts on employee morale, customer confidence, and competition. They will vet potential buyers, require signed non-disclosure agreements, and only disclose information on a need-to-know basis.

Small business brokers can act as a catalyst for the sales process, making connections between interested parties and generating interest in your business. They can also help to connect you with attorneys, accountants and other third-party service providers that can assist you through the sale of your business. They can also help to arrange financing, as they often have contacts at banks that lend to small business owners.

A seasoned broker can handle the complicated tax issues involved in a business sale. They stay up-to-date on changes in the tax code and can help you to structure the sale of your business for the least amount of capital gains taxes. In addition, they can help you to find and vet prospective lenders.

The process of selling a business can be extremely time-consuming, and it is difficult to manage day-to-day operations and the sale at the same time. A business broker can free up your time to focus on running your business efficiently while they take care of the details of the sale for you. They can also help you to set a realistic price for your business, using pricing strategies that are in line with the current market and that will appeal to buyers. They can also create a marketing package that is effective in reaching buyers and portraying your business in the best light possible. This helps to maximize the number of quality offers you receive. The best business brokers will also manage the negotiation process on your behalf and keep it confidential. The more interested buyers, the better chance you have of securing a high purchase price for your business. This is because interested buyers are more likely to offer a higher price if they are competing with one another.