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Using An IBC Mixer To Blend Liquids In Intermediate Bulk Containers

Dec 16

Mixing a liquid in an intermediate bulk container can be done quickly with a tote mixer. These portable industrial tote agitators have a stainless steel bung clamp allowing them to be mounted in the top of an IBC tote container lid with a 2 inch NPT threaded opening. These tote mixers work well in food grade IBC tote tanks, corrugated bag-in-a-box liquid IBC tote containers and LDPE plastic lined tote tank containers.

Ibc anti-contamination mixer are pneumatically powered by compressed air or gas. The operator controls the mixing speed and power on the IBC tote agitator by changing the air pressure. They are ideal for re-homogenizing liquids in a corrugated bag-in-a-box or tote container with a soft foam polyurethane liner and can also be used in IBC insulated totes. The non-shear mixing process will not damage the insulated or polyurethane liner nor change the liquid characteristics.

Adding a high shear cutter to an IBC blender expands blending capabilities allowing liquid fats to be incorporated, more cohesive powders to be dispersed and agglomerated lumps to be eliminated. This allows recipes to be mixed and mixed without the need to open the IBC container to add a liquid ingredient, saving time and money.

An IBC blender is an ideal solution for manufacturing applications where a range of recipes are produced and batch sizes vary. Using an IBC mixer means that the product can be mixed in its own container, which reduces mixing times and downtime for cleaning. This also means that the process can be conducted in batches with no need to stop the batch for a manual intervention to blend the product.

Ibc anti-contamination mixer are easy to use and can be operated by a single person. They have an operator control station with push buttons for start / stop, overload relays and a 4 pin plug for connecting to an electrical supply. For a safe and simple operation, an Ibc version is available pre-wired with a starter and a safety switch built into the agitator support bridge.

The 316 stainless steel IBC mixer is fitted with a set of folding paddles. These are designed to get into all corners of an IBC container to ensure that the liquid is evenly mixed throughout. The EvenMix IBC tote mixer is also highly efficient at a low RPM, preventing air infusion and reducing the risk of the product becoming airborne.

The IBC tote mixer can be fitted with a variety of custom options depending on the application. For example, a high torque geared motor can be provided to enable it to be used for heavier mixing applications or a digitally geared mixer with variable speed control can be supplied to suit a specific process. An explosion proof mixer is also available to meet hazardous area requirements.