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Protect Your Student's Reputation With a Title IX Lawyer

May 31

Title IX of Education Amendments of 1974 applies to nearly all educational institutions that receive federal funding in the United States. This federal law forbids sex discrimination in all educational programs, including extracurricular activities. When there are allegations of sexual abuse or harassment, school officials must investigate the matter and hold disciplinary proceedings. Unfortunately, schools may conduct overzealous investigations and discipline students in ways that violate their rights. An experienced Title IX lawyer Urbana Champaign can protect the academic and professional future of a student by fighting back against unfounded accusations.

In many Title IX proceedings, the question is whether consent occurred. It can be difficult to determine whether a person freely consented in the context of sexual acts. Additionally, if a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it can be impossible to know if they were in a state of mind to provide informed consent.

The process for defending against allegations involving sexual misconduct can be complicated and long. During the investigation and hearing process, the accused may lose academic credits, housing or employment opportunities and be reported to potential employers or graduate schools. Financial aid eligibility can be affected if the accused is a college student. A Title IX Lawyer helps fight back unfounded accusations and refutes evidence that supports the innocence of a defendant.

Our firm has successfully represented students accused of sex harassment, dating abuse and sexual assault in schools all over the country. A strong defense strategy can reduce the severity of sanctions or even clear a student's name altogether. The sooner a student consults a Title IX lawyer, the better.

Don't hesitate to contact a New York Title IX lawyer if your student is accused of sex discrimination. Your student's reputation and future could be at risk, and you should take swift action to ensure that due process is followed.

Our team of New York Title IX Attorneys will work tirelessly to gather all relevant evidence and make sure the investigation is fair. Our lawyers will investigate any claims of discrimination or silenced allegations and look for any inconsistencies that may be present in the accuser’s statement to challenge their credibility. Additionally, we will not hesitate to bring in outside experts to testify on behalf of a client if the need arises. By bringing the best possible legal resources to bear, we can ensure a thorough investigation of all allegations and that the accused will be treated fairly. We have vast experience in Title IX investigations, hearings and appeals at high school, college and university levels across the nation. Please contact our office to schedule your free consultation. It's your student's future that depends on it.

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