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Hair Salon | Houston is known for its hot, humid climate

Jan 26


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The heat can be unbearable and the humidity is enough to make your hair frizz out of control. If you’re looking for a way to combat the Houston climate, then a keratin treatment might be worth considering.

Keratin treatments are an excellent way to fight frizzy hair in Houston as they help manage curly or wavy locks with ease. Not only do these treatments protect against humidity but they also promote healthier-looking strands and cut down on breakage and blow dry time.

A keratin treatment is a process in which the hair is treated with an organic solution that essentially bonds to the cuticle layer of your hair, making it smoother and less frizzy. The treatment can last as long as 6 months but needs to be repeated every six or eight weeks and follow the protocol for at home maintenance and products for the maximum effects to work in your favor.

Keratin treatments are fairly expensive because the treatment process is longer and more intensive for the hair stylist performing the service than other hair salon services. However, the price may be worth it for people who have excessive hair breakage, have lots of curls or frizz or are trying to grow their hair past a certain length. Keratin treatments can help maintain healthy locks of different lengths in between your grow out leaving it easy to fix and maintain at home.

If you’re ready for your first keratin treatment – or even if you’ve had one before – it’s important to find a hair salon that is certified in the process.  Has much experience doing them with all different hair types because not all hair types are suited for the intensive treatment rather a lighter version of such that is usually available.

Keratin treatments are typically done on hair that is at least one inch long, so if you’re going for a keratin treatment and need to cut your own hair before the appointment in order to meet this requirement, it’s important not to trim more than an inch off.


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The process can take up to three to four hours depending on your hair length and thickness, so if you’re planning to go straight from work, it might be a good idea to schedule your appointment for the end of the day.


Keratin treatments can last anywhere from one month to three months depending on how often you wash and style your hair and the more exposed to chlorine, ocean water/air and the sun. The more frequent you are with swimming, spending time outside or simply how often you are washing and styling your hair, the sooner it will need redone. All of this will be discussed at your pre-appointment consultation where all of your questions and answers can be answered by the professionals at Fringe Salon & Color Bar.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment are:

-Less frizzy hair-Less breakage

-Less time and easier to blow-dry

-Easier to maintain your favorite straight hairstyles at home and over time.

It’s important to note that keratin treatments are not a fix for all of your frizz problems, and you’ll still need to use our exclusive at home hair care products. Use tools like blow dryers or irons in moderation to create the exact level of straight you want.

Keratin treatment is a salon service offered at Houston Hair Salon where our hair stylists provide certified keratin treatments from reputable professionals and salon brands.

Keratin treatment are not chemical straighteners however they are known to not only reduce your frizz but to reduce your curls by up to 35%.

Each brand of Keratin will have their own set of instructions that require a professional to understand and execute. Not all hair types will get the same service, products or time spent on them.

If you have any questions about what type of de-frizzing service is best fit for your hair type. For example lighter & paler blondes that like to stay on the cooler side of blonde, or the finer, thinner hair types that the treatment may be too heavy for, or the hair type that can’t handle much flat iron heat and would need a lighter version of the services using only a blow dryer and special brush.

What they do at one salon in Houston is not what another may do based on many factors including the manufacturer’s directions.

Leave it to the salon professionals at Fringe, Houston’s best hair salon known for their extensions, hair color, highlighting and balayage services year round. During the hot & humid summer months, hands down they book a lot of keratin treatments keeping the residents of the area happy for more than 10 years. 


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