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How do I get unbanned from Walmart?

Aug 4

If you are a frequent Walmart customer, you probably know the discount retailer doesn't take kindly to anyone who misbehaves in its stores. In fact, the company has zero tolerance for anyone who causes a scene, acts aggressively towards staff or other customers, or does anything else that might be offensive or disruptive. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the retailer has banned thousands of customers from visiting any of its stores nationwide. Unfortunately, if you have been one of those unfortunate people, then you will need to get unbanned from Walmart before you can continue shopping there.

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Below we discuss everything you need to know about getting unbanned from Walmart and how to do just that.

What does it mean to be banned from Walmart?

A ban is a formal decision made by a business to prohibit certain customers from entering its premises. Walmart, for example, will ban a customer from visiting its stores if the person has acted in a disruptive manner inside one of its stores, such as causing a fight or damaging the store’s property. The retailer may also ban a customer from visiting its stores if the person has, in the past, damaged the property of another customer or has threatened the safety of others.

Walmart also has the right to ban a customer if the person appears to be intoxicated. People who have been banned from Walmart are typically notified by the company. The notification letter usually explains why the person has been banned and how long the ban will last. Customers who have been banned from Walmart are normally prohibited from entering any of the company’s stores nationwide.

If you're banned from Walmart, you'll no longer be able to enter any Walmart store for any reason. This includes shopping there, working there, or even speaking with someone who works there.

The punishments are not limited to just being banned from entering the store itself—they can also include other consequences like losing your job if you were working there when you were banned. Your family members may also be affected by the ban if they happen to be with you during this time period.

This ban lasts for three years unless there's an appeal process that allows for a shorter or longer ban period depending on whether or not your case is "justified."

How is someone banned from Walmart?

As mentioned above, the best way to find out if you have been banned from Walmart is to receive a notification from the retailer. Additionally, you can also call the retailer and ask one of the representatives if you have been banned from Walmart. If so, the representative will be able to tell you the reason for the ban. If you have been banned from Walmart, you can try to get unbanned from Walmart. However, you should be aware that retailers typically don’t lift bans lightly.

Most people who are banned from Walmart have done something wrong in the past and have not followed the rules of the store. Banned customers often try to sneak items into their carts without paying for them, or they steal items from the store and don't pay for them. Some customers may even try to steal merchandise while they are still in the store, or they may steal food from the restaurant or other areas of Walmart stores.

The only way that a customer can be banned from Walmart is if they have broken one of these rules at least three times within six months. If this happens, then an employee will call security guards who will ask you to leave the store without any further problems or issues taking place. If you refuse to leave, then security guards will escort you out of the store by force if necessary so that no further problems occur during this incident either for yourself or other customers around as well

How to get unbanned from Walmart?

If you have been banned from Walmart, it’s important to follow these steps to get unbanned from Walmart.

First, ask yourself if you have a legitimate reason for being banned. If you have, then you’ll need to follow up with Walmart and prove that you are not a risk anymore. If you don’t have a legitimate reason for being banned, don’t worry as there are ways to get unbanned from Walmart. Walmart bans people who shoplift, cause a disturbance in the store, or who are overly aggressive towards the staff or other customers.

If you have been banned from Walmart due to a legitimate reason, then you will need to explain yourself to the retailer. It’s important to be honest and forthcoming with your explanation. Walmart will be able to tell if you are lying and will not lift your ban as a result.

While getting unbanned from Walmart, you should be prepared for the possibility of being banned again. In most cases, getting unbanned from Walmart means that Walmart now trusts you. If you get banned again, however, it’s likely that you will never be unbanned from Walmart again.

There are a few ways to get unbanned from the store.

  1. First, wait out your ban period. Most bans last for 72 hours, but some can last up to 30 days. If you're on the shorter end of that spectrum, you may be able to get unbanned and back in the stores before you know it.
  2. If you feel like waiting isn't an option, try contacting customer service at Walmart and explaining what happened. They may be able to lift your ban and allow you back into the store sooner than expected!
  3. Last but not least, if all else fails, consider sending a letter or email directly to Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas explaining why you would like to be unbanned from their stores. This method is usually used when other methods have failed or when there is no other way for someone to contact them directly (such as through email or phone)


Unfortunately, there is no direct way to contact Walmart in order to get information on the account or email address that was banned. This means that all you can really do here is wait. Fortunately, all of the payment processors are required to reset accounts or send new cards within 48 hours. As such, it's best to just wait for another two days before even contacting them about the error. They may simply be busy with a large influx of support requests and are taking some extra time with your own.