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How-To Find a Duct Cleaner a Step-by-Step Guide

Jan 8

Cleaning the ducts in your house that is connected to your furnace is known as duct cleaning. It's not, however, a do-it-yourself project. Professional air cleaning ducts, like those from Duct cleaning Colorado Springs Heating & Air, employ specialized tools to get these areas cleaned. Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs will guide you on how to wash the air ducts.


Make use of the services of a Reputable Air Duct Cleaner


There's no shame in having had the air ducts cleaned previously and weren't satisfied with the results and the strangely short time it took. To resolve these issues, the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) has developed an approach for clean air ducts. This method of cleaning ducts using air is the best and most effective method of cleaning your ducts.


Step 1: Examine the Ductwork


The technician will examine the ducts that connect to the return and supply registers. It's an ideal initial step for homeowners who wish to view the outcomes before and after. Before they begin, your expert may use cameras to verify that you have installed your ductwork for accuracy.


The specialist will then fix any issues they spot in the ducts. They may repair any leaks, kinks, or damage they find in your ducts. Aeroseal can be used to protect your ducts from the possibility of leaks in the future.


Step 2: Create Negative Pressure

Technicians will carry an extensive vacuum system to your furnace. This high-efficiency particulate-air (HEPA) vacuum system with powerful suction produces negative pressure inside your vents. The hose will be connected by the vacuum gather device to a conduit near the air handler. The technician will require an access hole for the pipe.


To increase the pressure on your negative side, you must close all of your supply registers. After the vacuum is activated the ducts will be cleaned separately.


Step 3: Create the Dust Agitate


Your professional will utilize essential suction equipment to clean the ducts as they go through the process of cleaning air ducts venting through the vent. These instruments include revolving brushes and pressurized agitation air whipping equipment to help move settled dust.


The technician will cleanse the supply and return vents. This will take out the dust from the main lines allowing it to be easily swept away by the vacuum.


Step 4 Clean the System's Remains


After the ducts and vents have been cleaned After that, the remaining HVAC components can be examined. Included in the assessment are the furnace air blower motor, furnace, and evaporator coil. The technician must clean up their work area and ensure they don't leave any dirtier than when they first arrived. They'll take you on tours of their work to see for yourself the changes.

It is recommended to clean your air ducts every three to five year. However, it can be done more often in the case of severe allergy, mold, or mildew development in your home or if the house has recently been upgraded. The air duct cleaning method can help you breathe easier by eliminating dust, dander, and allergies. Your furnace will also be benefited. Clean ductwork makes your furnace last longer and run more efficiently.


Since the beginning of cleaning ducts Colorado Springs Heating & Air has been Colorado Springs, the go-to HVAC service. You'll see why our clients remain, loyal customers, after you work with us.

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